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Spring 2014, Issue I



A Month Weaving In and Out of the Beaten Path

Millions of people come to Israel every year; many for religious reasons, some to see family, others to explore its natural beauty, and the list goes on. But students who come to CIEE Haifa  are here because they believe in trying to "peace the world together." What does that mean? So far it means feeling comfortable in the questions: observing, suspending judgement, listening, and inquiring. In this first month, they have accomplished that mission beautifully:

IMG_5618Ironically 'breaking the ice' at the beach at our first orientation meeting.

1899887_10152189180735546_984097314_nDrinking arabic coffee during a local shop tour.

1622722_10152189182940546_1756163524_nSeeing how to make falafel.

IMG_5622Overcoming fear of a new public transportation system.

IMG_5631Experiencing Haifa through the eyes of Haifa native and local student Fadi Folan.

1888532_10152189188785546_1224193183_nVisiting Iqrit, a piece of disputed land where young Palestinian Christians have occupied the last remaining building, a church, in an attempt to maintain their connection to their incestral land.

1507073_10152189189645546_781732165_nMeeting with the occupants of the church in Iqrit.

IMG_5657   A visit to Amirim to meet Mustafa and hear his very interesting story and perspective (we'll leave it at that!). 

1959400_10152694159954128_340139596_nHiking the Ramon Crater.

IMG_5931Back on campus, having a profound discussion with Palestinian-American Dr. Maha El-Taji about identity and how an important part of 'peacing the world together' is 'peacing ourselves together.'









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